Save Money by Blocking Internet Access

Internet Access Control software for Windows

    If your employees are wasting time getting on the Internet to shop, gamble, play the stock market, answer their email, or other personal activities instead of doing their work, they are costing you money. Save money by blocking their access to the Internet. Leithauser Research has several software programs to help you do this.

    If your employees do not need access to the Internet at all for work, or need only specific functions like email, you can use Internet Password Lock to restrict Internet access. You can have it block Internet access entirely by disabling your computer's IP address, or block specific individual functions such as Web browsing, email, and Instant Messaging by blocking these programs from running. Internet Password Lock is useful in for business to control Internet use by employees and for parents to protect their children by controlling their Internet access. For more information on Internet Password Lock, click here.

    If your business requires that your employees access some Internet sites, you can use Web Site Zapper to control Web access. It can block Web browsers from displaying any Web sites that you do not add to an allowed Web site list. Alternately, it can block sites that you do add to a forbidden site list. With Web Site Zapper, you compile a list of good and bad Web site titles and/or URLs (Web addresses). You can add Web site titles and URLs to these lists manually, or have Web Site Zapper build these lists automatically in learning mode (explained in the Web Site Zapper instruction manual). Once you have built a list of Web sites, Web Site Zapper can either close down any site on the bad site list (Block mode), or close down any site NOT on the good site list (Allow mode). For more information on Web Site Zapper and to download a trial copy, click here.

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