CRT Energy Saver for Windows by Leithauser Research

CRT Energy Saver is a Windows software program that helps you save energy if your computer has an old fashioned CRT monitor. It does this by blacking out portions of the screen that are not in use. Specifically, it blacks out the background (wallpaper and icons) while continuing to display any running programs. It will black out these areas if either the mouse does not move for over 10 seconds or the mouse remains over the active program (the one with the Windows focus) for over 10 seconds. The blacked out areas return to normal as soon as you move the mouse over these areas, thus allowing you access to the desktop icons at any time.

This blacking out of areas reduces energy use with CRT screens, because light areas require more energy to maintain than dark areas. Note that this is not true of modern LCD monitors. For LCD monitors, dark areas may actually require a little MORE energy to display than light areas. CRT Energy Saver should therefore NOT be used with LCD monitors. If you have an LCD monitor on this computer, please do not install CRT Energy Saver.

Once installed, CRT Energy Saver will run automatically when you run Windows. You will simply find that the background of your screen will go dark when it is not in use (you are not clicking on icons). A small icon for CRT Energy Saver will appear on the system tray while it is running. This icon looks like a computer monitor. If you click on this icon, a window will appear asking you if you want to exit CRT Energy Saver. If you click on the Yes button, CRT Energy Saver will shut down until you reboot Windows.

To completely remove (uninstall) CRT Energy Saver from your computer, use the normal procedure of running the Windows Control Panel and using the Add/Remove Programs (called Programs and Features on Vista) to remove CRT Energy Saver. You would do this, for example, if you upgraded your monitor from a CRT to an LCD monitor.

Please also note that CRT Energy Saver does not replace or interfere with products that cause your computer and/or monitor to hibernate or go to standby after periods of inactivity. You should still use these products if possible in addition to CRT Energy Saver. CRT Energy Saver simply saves a little more energy while the monitor is in use, and during the period before your monitor goes into standby. (Maximum energy savings occur when all programs are minimized.) Also please note that replacing your CRT monitor with an energy efficient LCD monitor would still save you more energy than using a CRT monitor with CRT Energy Saver. CRT Energy Saver is for people who, for whatever reason, have not yet upgraded to LCD monitor.

This program is completely free. You are encouraged to use it on computers with CRT monitors to reduce pollution and global warming, and to reduce your electric bills. If you find it useful, I would appreciate you sending an email to Leithauser Research at, just to help me track how many computers are running CRT Energy Saver, and thus determine if my efforts have been worth while.

Bug reports, help requests, suggestions

If you need help with this program, have found a bug, or have a request for additional feature, please contact Leithauser Research. The best way is to send an email to You can also call Leithauser Research at 386-410-6769 .

If you are suggesting an additional feature or other improvement, we will make these changes and release a new version soon if we believe these improvements would have broad appeal. You will be notified when the new version is released.

Click here to download the installation program (cesarc.exe).

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      If you have any questions, please send email to In case of emergency, you can call (386) 410-6769 between the hours of 11 AM and 5 PM Eastern time.

    If you prefer to write, the address is

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